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[NEW] FreeRO with Gepard Shield

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[NEW] FreeRO with Gepard Shield Empty [NEW] FreeRO with Gepard Shield

Post by Admin on Thu May 05, 2016 4:02 pm

[NEW] FreeRO with Gepard Shield Gepard

Gepard Shield adalah software yang berfungsi untuk memproteksi server FREE RAGNAROK ONLINE [FreeRO], dan mencegah penggunakan program ilegal yang dapat menggangu kestabilan dan keseimbangan server.

Fungsi Dasar:

  • Check integrity memory of code section(game EXE)
  • Check integrity of game exe
  • Check integrity of dll in the client folder
  • Encryption of network packets with dynamic key
  • Protection against dll injection- protection against WPE/RPE/OpenKore
  • Opportunity to get unique ID of player(based not on MAC)
  • Opportunity to block player by unique ID
  • Prevent run on virtual machines
  • Search launched cheat software(OllyDbg, Cheat Engine, PotND, meth4u and other)
  • Works with the last version of RCX- generates crash log
  • Gepard Shielddapat digunakan pada semuaRagexe versions dan emulators.


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